Evidence of Life Discovered on Mars

Scientists have discovered signs of life on Mars.

Methane gas, which is a byproduct of life, was discovered on Mars. Scientists are tasked with figuring out whether there could be life on Mars.

Life is everywhere in the Universe.

This could be one of the biggest events to the populations on earth being we have thought we were alone in the Universe from the Beginning of time.

If there is life on Mars, this could have a life changing affect on the world as this would change how we think about ourselves. We once thought the Universe revolved around earth. Now we could find out that we are not that special in that we are not alone.

Is There Life on Mars?

Carbon based life, which is life as we know it, requires a complex set of conditions to exist before it can thrive, such as conditions on earth. As I have explained in my article "How Humans and Life on Earth Came About", a catastrophic event occurred in this area of the Universe which left incomplete, deformed, DNA buzzing about. This DNA can end up anywhere.

Life on Mars

If this DNA ends up in a place where the conditions are ripe for it to thrive then it will. These conditions may have existed on Mars long ago and may still exist today, and if these conditions still exist on Mars today then so does life.

But this life is not part of the Mother Universe. It is pointless, lonely, destitute, predatory, life with no meaning such as us humans on earth. Desperately yearning for purpose with no resolve in site. But all this could change once the Intergalactic Union determines what course of action needs to be taken to bring us all back into the fold.

Some pictures of what extraterrestrial life might look like.

Life on Mars

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Life on Mars

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