What is the Intergalactic Union?

They are Watching You!

The Intergalactic Union are the guardians charged with the task of keeping the Universe on track with the mission devised over timeless eons of contemplation over the path that should be taken to carry us all into the endless future.

Energy is Everything

The Intergalactic Union is the manifestation of all the combined forces that make up the universe which evolve into intellectual beings.

Energy is everything and everything is Energy

The basic element in the universe is energy, which in turn makes up everything else. All things share this makeup. Put simply, everything is related to everything. The Intergalactic Union is made up of these entities that are self aware and have the intellect to wage the fight against disorder and diversions from their mission.

The Universe

The Universe is vast, it goes on for ever and has been here for ever. But for us to end up here and in the condition we are in leads one to believe that something went very wrong; so wrong that space and time, for as far as the eye can see, was ripped apart from the Mother.

We have tried to theorize as to what has happened to us but with our limited intellect and our limited ability to view beyond our immediate area these theories are totally wrong. Sure the Big Bang theory makes sense if our immediate area was all there was, but the true size of the Universe is infinite and like a child that hides under the covers when he hears a bump in the night, we are comforted with the thought that if we can't see the monster it somehow doesn't exist.

To put it in terms we can understand, the amount of the Universe we can view with all the possible technologies that will ever be available to us is comparable to a drop of water to the size of all the oceans on earth.

We Have Been Found

After the "incident" our area of the Universe was blown apart and all was believed to have been destroyed. However, a tiny incomplete bit of DNA, the programming code for all life, survived and floated threw space and time for eons until landing on earth just at the right time to spawn and evolve into the life forms that populate earth today.

So insignificant are we that it wasn't until experiments at the European Organization for Nuclear Research's, also known as CERN, LHC facility began to affect quatom computers trillions of light years away did the glimer of our existence be considered.

It seems that there are a few particles on earth that are entangled with particles being used in computers trillions of light years away. It would normally take trillions of our years to reach these computers so far away but entangled particles are not affected by time and space, also known as Einstein's "spooky action at a distance".

Alien DNA is very different from ours

But because life on earth is from damaged, incomplete, DNA we along with all other forms of life on earth are very different from life in the rest of the Universe. This fact is the subject of great study by the Intergalactic Union. One aspect of this study is what would be the best way to bring us home. One problem is that for us to survive we have had to evolve into a predator society. It would be hard for us to adjust to a non predator existence.

But there is hope for us, our need to know God and our desire to be with God is a positive sign that there is a place for us in the Universe.

Here are some photos of beings from around the Universe.

Photo of space being

I'm watching you.

Energy is everything and everything is Energy

Just call me Flat Head.

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