Do Extraterrestrials Exist?

The earth is flat.

If you believe in the Big Bang theory then there wouldn't have been time for a super race of alien beings to have come about. But the Big Bang theory is a theory developed by scientists that can't consider things that go against main stream thinking, even though there is nothing more than main stream thinking to stand in their way. The same class of main stream thinking that once believed that everything revolved around the earth which, of course, was flat.

How Big is the Universe?

The Universe is infinite, it goes on forever. We on earth can only see so far into space, thus we think that what we see is all there is. So we have dreamed up a theory that allows for the Universe to only be as big as what we can see.

The Universe is infinite and goes on forever.

It turns out that what we see are the remains of a tragedy that happened in our small part of a very vast infinite Universe. You could call what happened to us a big bang of sorts, no one knows for sure what happened but all life was thought to have been destroyed in this tiny part of the infinite Universe. But an incomplete very deformed piece of DNA survived and landed on earth a long time ago. This DNA evolved into all life on earth including us. Life on earth is very different from life elsewhere in the Universe. These differences will be discussed later when we talk about "who are we".

The Real Universe

The real Universe is infinite, it goes on forever. And in parts of this Universe life is so abundant it would leave an earthling, like you or me, speechless. Everyone lives, works and plays in total harmony. Extraterrestrials are not anything like us, they are the consciousness of the living Universe. They are the living, moving, thinking, understanding, part of this living Universe. Extraterrestrials are wired into the Universe, the Universe provides for all their mundane needs such as food, water, housing, education, you name it the Universe provides it, leaving extraterrestrials to what they do best; thinking, planning, directing, and driving this living Universe in the right direction.


In the same way that planets, stars, matter, energy, and everything else that makes up the Universe so do, what we call, Extraterrestrials. The Universe is a living entity and its consciousness and self-awareness is accomplished via these Extraterrestrials.

They are not like us, they serve the Universe, extraterrestrials are interconnected wirelessly, I guess you could say, sharing consciousness with each other and the Mother Universe. Extraterrestrials also traverse time and space with ease. -- They have been here, they know about us, and they are working on what to do concerning us. Mother Universe feels for us in the same way a mother would feel for her injured child.

We Could Be Coming Home

Unlike us, Extraterrestrials are not filled with an empty, lonely, desperate need for purpose and approval. But it is these feelings that we as humans feel within our soles almost constantly that gives rise to the need for the extraterrestrials to consider saving us and returning us to the family.

There is just too much in us that still connects us to the Universe to be forgotten and allowed to fade away or worse, destroyed if we should become a danger to the Universe via our half-witted intellect.

Time and Space

Unlike us, extraterrestrials are not bound by space and time. Extraterrestrials freely move between the past, present, and future. Knowledge of this fact has been retained in our DNA and this knowledge has manifested itself in our religious writings. An example of this can be see in the Christian writings which speak of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The Father refers to the past, the Son refers to the present , and the Holy Spirit refers to the future. And as for freely traversing vast distances in space, where do you think the idea of the TV series Star Trek came from?

Extraterrestrials traverse time and space with ease.

We have even developed a very limited form of time travel, which makes us extremely dangerous and a concern to the Universe. Humans and time travel, you may ask. Every time you read a book you are taking ideas from the past and bringing them into the present, which then lends these writings to be built upon in the future. Also, institutions allow extremely complex concepts to be passed along from generation to generation in tact while also allowing for adjustments to be made to these concepts to affect future events. Our ability to use this limited or mental form of time travel has allow us to develop powerful abilities in mathematics and science. After all, it was CERN's affect on the Universe that brought us to the attention of the Universe and the Intergalactic Union in the first place.

Extraterrestrials Aliens are Different

Extraterrestrials or Aliens are smarter than humans.

Extraterrestrials or Aliens as they are sometimes called are different from us in the fact that they do not have a beginning or end. They are eternal. We on the other hand are mortal, we are born, get old, and die. The reason for this is that as a back stop to prevent rouge DNA from disrupting the harmony of the Universe any DNA that is not fueled by a direct connection to the Universe will age and eventually fade away without ever becoming a threat to the rest of the Universe. But our limited ability to time travel per se has circumvented this backstop. Put simple, we are too smart for our britches.

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