UFO's-Aliens are Trying to Communicate With You

Aliens are a Reality

Life beyond this planet is becoming more and more difficult to hide. People on earth have developed technology far beyond what was thought possible.

Matter of fact there are many that think they know for a fact that the technology we posses today did come from afar.

Alien technology is far more advanced than anything on earth.

It is believed that Governments are involved with these aliens and have been for many years. This has recently been proven to be incorrect. It seems the Governments here on earth are far too unstable and far too involved with their own interests for the Intergalactic Union to, at least for the foreseeable future, trust in these entities.

Aliens are a Reality , and we at space.cf-1.com have been commissioned to pass the message from the Intergalactic Union to the chosen public, thereby circumventing any attempt to censor these messages.

Who are the "Chosen Public"? Don't throw pearls before swine. This was quoted by Jesus Christ and has always been in the teachings of the Intergalactic Union.

There are those that have little grasp of the world around them and may misinterpret the message, those who have been chosen, to hear the message, are those that the Intergalactic Union has tested and verified that these people have the intellectual capacity to understand the message.

How will you know if you have been chosen? The fact that you have found this site is a sign that you may have been chosen, and if you understand and believe the message on this site then you have most definitely been chose.

Like the Bible this site is open to anyone who finds it, but there will only be a Chosen Few that will understand and believe the messages that will contain the secrets of the Universe.

How we became what we are today.

The Universe is infinitely huge, there is no beginning or end to the Universe. In this tiny part of the Universe a sterilization took place, we call it the Big Bang. We look at it as the beginning of the Universe when it was only a beginning of our part of the Universe. This sterilization area was to be large enough to keep any life form that developed from seeing outside of it. This sterilization was to clear all living forms from this test area. This test area was to be used to create artificial life forms from a single bit of RNA. This RNA was sent out into this sterile part of the Universe and was to be studied to see how life in the wild would take hold and develop. No one ever dreamed that beings with the intellect of humans would evolve, even though human intellect doesn't come close to the intellect of these space beings that started this process. But these extraterrestrials, even with their extreme intellect and power over us, are not lacking in compassion and respect for all life forms including us. There problem now is how much responsibility do they owe us being we have developed enough intellect to hang ourselves but not enough to save ourselves from ourselves.

What is to become of us.

Their problem now is, what to do with us. If left to our own resources, in time, we will destroy ourselves and the worlds around us. But should they interfere with the natural course of things. We are an incredibly aggressive being. We tend to believe that we are the all important being of the Universe. It's like trying to help a tiger that is set on eating you. We will have to wait and see for they are the masters and we are their pets.

Alien technology is far more advanced than anything on earth.

I am JUJU and I wrote this article.

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